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鶹 celebrates employee service milestones

Yesterday, on June 18, 鶹 University started a new annual tradition as faculty and staff packed into the FAB space to celebrate those who gave their institution a combined total of 690 years of service.

Fifty-six employees who hit milestones of five, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35-year service records were recognized, with one faculty member – Michael Fernandes – making it to a golden 50-year mark.

“You are the lifeblood of this institution. You give it the vibrancy, relevance and energy that makes it a great art and design school – and a great place to work. I thank you for your service to 鶹 and to all of you for gathering here today to recognize one another’s achievements,” said Peggy Shannon, President of 鶹.

Faculty and staff who reached 20 years of service received a souvenir silver pin. Those who hit the 25-year mark received a gold pin. And for Michael Fernandes, with 50 years of service, he received a custom-made plaque.

Service Centre Supervisor, Sonya Diamond, is amongst the few celebrating their 35-year milestone with 鶹. To her, it felt like just yesterday she was the new up-and-comer, and just like that, it’s three decades later.

“I’ve been at 鶹 longer than most of the students have been alive,” she joked. “It’s always nice to be acknowledged for your efforts and to be noted by your peers. I’ve had the chance to meet people from different levels and backgrounds, and I’ve made so many great memories here.”

Ann Masterson, Academic Affairs Officer and FOIPOP Coordinator, who received her 20-year service pin said the years went by in a flash.

“It’s because 鶹 has this youthful, creative energy to it. I wouldn’t be anywhere else. All of the provosts I’ve worked for have had a different working style, so it has always been an interesting challenge for me. I miss [former Provost] Ken Honeychurch’s sense of humour most of all.”

Photography Professor, Adrian Fish, hit 15 years as a tenure-track faculty member, but he said it’s more like 20 years as he started as a sessional instructor in 2004.

“How many people can say they’ve had a career in one single place, it’s kind of unusual. I’m very privileged. 鶹 students are awesome. They are committed to a visual arts education. They come here because they want to go to an independent art, design and craft institute, and it shows in the quality of their work. It’s a real privilege to contribute to the development of a person’s practice – that’s my mission.”

Scott Sinclair, regular part-time faculty in the Division of Design, also celebrated “15 years of absolute joy” at 鶹.

“I am always being approached on the street by students who I used to teach, thanking me for the instruction I gave them, and they would let me know where they were with their careers,” he said. “I’m always left feeling quite proud and humbled that they’ve appreciated it.”

Rose Zack, Manager of Enrolment and Recruitment, celebrated five years at 鶹 along with her teammates, Kizi Spielmann Rose and Judy Zhang.

“Our whole team hit a five-year mark. We all started and grew into a team together. What I love about 鶹 is I get to be mentored by great people, like Adrian. There’s a great community of faculty and students here,” she says.

The 56 faculty and staff members celebrating milestones at 鶹 are:

5 years

Greg Buckley, Daniel Chisholm, George Cho, Heather Fenerty, Owen Gottschalk, Kara Holm, Rajee Jejishergill, Erika Mendritzki, Tara Mills, Huschang Pourian, Kizi Spielmann Rose, Mark Whidden, Rose Zack, Judy Zhang

10 years

Maria Doering, Jill Graham, Angela Henderson, Julie Hollenbach, William Robinson, Jayme Spinks

15 years

Joanna Close, Kimberley Dunn, Adrian Fish, Chantel Gushue, Rebecca Hannon, Rory MacDonald, Gary Markle, Kim Morgan, Scott Sinclair, Charley Young, Rebecca Young

20 years

Mark Bovey, Sam Fisher, Anne Masterson, Dan O’Neil, Sheila Provazza, Patrick Rapati, Sara Hartland-Rowe

25 years

John Kennedy, Marilyn McAvoy, Rudi Meyer, Lillian Yuen

35 years

Sonya Diamond, Marylin McKay, Jeff Wry

50 years

Michael Fernandes