ADVISORY: All of Halifax Peninsula, including 鶹’s three campuses, are currently under a boil water advisory until further notice. All water must be boiled for at least one minute if it will be used for drinking or any other activity requiring human consumption.

Study at 鶹

At 鶹 University, not only will you receive a rigorous, interdisciplinary educational experience, but you will belong to a vibrant creative community recognized globally for its impact on art, craft and design. Connecting you with award-winning faculty, you will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the creative industries, where you will become leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in your fields.


why nscad

Students at 鶹 University have been shaping art, design and craft in Canada since 1887. With an approach to education that includes the strategic integration of arts, culture and community engagement, students thrive in a learning and research environment that is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and academic excellence.


鶹’s  four-year undergraduate programs provide a diverse foundation of skills and knowledge in a specific art, design or craft field. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Design or a Bachelor of Fine Arts.


A national  leader in art education at the graduate level, 鶹 currently offers three graduate programs: a Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Art Education and a Master of Design.


鶹 offers post-baccalaureate certificates for those who wish to expand their skills and expertise. Learning is ongoing, and 鶹 offers options to help you excel in the creative economy.

Extended studies

You don’t have to be enrolled at 鶹 to take advantage of our world-class programming! If you want to explore your creative side in your free time, why not take a class through Extended Studies? There are many formats and learning options, including short and long-term courses, workshops, open studios, certificate programs and online courses.

Experiential learning

Take the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and use them to gain real world experience. 鶹 has great experiential learning options, which will allow you to build on your educational foundation, network and make connections, and build your portfolio and CV.


鶹 University offers a roster of engaging and innovative online learning opportunities for the 鶹 community. Understanding that traditional methods of learning are not always possible and that many students are looking for flexible learning options, eLearning allows for different educational models to be accessed by our diverse student population.

To learn more about the faculty and technicians at 鶹, including their current research and art practices, division and contact information, visit the faculty directory.