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Art Work:
鶹 Alumni Talks

Thanks to everyone who has shared ideas about ways you would like to be connecting with 鶹 and one another. 鶹, in partnership with the Alumni Association, is excited to launch a new monthly series of talks featuring conversations with alumni.

Art Work: Alumni Talks is a series of virtual conversations, hosted by Mollie Cronin (BA 2015) that will help you to learn more from and about your fellow alumni. There are many possible paths to pursue when you graduate from 鶹. Meet alumni to learn how they have applied their education to different fields. Art Work: Alumni Talks connect alumni from around the world and help to expand your network and knowledge.


Art Work: Fashion Works
May 21st, 12:30pm (Atlantic)
Join fashion designer Kate Austin (BFA 1996) and shoe customizer Kemmy Smith (BFA 2018) as they discuss their experiences in fashion and what it means to them.

Making Movie Magic
April 23, 2024 12:30 p.m. (Atlantic)
Join Head of Puppetry at Neptune Theatre Cassie Seaboyer (BFA 2017) and documentarian Amanda Burt (2000) as they discuss their experiences in film and theatre.
Video coming soon.

鶹 and Farming
March 12, 2024 12:30 p.m. (Atlantic)
Join photographer Sue Earle (BFA 1993) and fibre artist Enid Schaller (BFA 1999) as they discuss art, agriculture and how to apply creativity in its many forms.
Video coming soon.

Tell Me a Story
February 6, 2024 12:30p.m. (Atlantic)
Join illustrators & Governor General Literary Award winners Jack Wong (BFA 2014) and Sydney Smith (BFA 2006) as they discuss illustrating for children’s books and exploring careers in publishing.

2023 Recordings

Sculptural Painting (December 2023)

Join Chris Dorosz (MFA 1997) and Aralia Maxwell (MFA 2019) as they discuss alternative painting techniques and the sculptural nature of their work.

Musically Inclined (November 2023)

Explore the creative links between music and fine art with singer-songwriter Jenn Grant (BFA 2006) and musician Andrew Scott of Sloan (BFA 1991) as they discuss their careers and time at 鶹.

Working in Galleries/Museums (October 2023)

Join Senior Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Collections for MoMA Christy Thompson (BFA 1997) and Stefan Hancherow (BFA 2008) Curator for RBC as they discuss the path they took from 鶹 and the intricacies of their work.

Keeping Time (September 2023)

Join watchmaker Scott Wilk (BFA 2001) and interdisciplinary artist Ali Nickerson (BFA 2003) as the discuss time and how it affects and inspires their work.

Fashioning a Career (July 2023)

Join celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi (BFA 2008) & photographer, model and content creator Lindsay Delaney (BFA 2011) as they discuss the many facets of the fashion industry and how 鶹 helped shape their international careers.

Translating Mediums (June 2023)

Join Cal Lane (BFA 2001) and Julie Rosvall (2019) as they discuss taking a lace a craft medium and translating it into a different fine art context through their work in sculpture and printmaking.

Multigenerational Memoirs: Comics and Elder Care (May 2023)

Join illustrators Susan MacLeod (BFA 1994) and Rebecca Roher (BFA 2010) as they discuss graphic novels and illustrating elder care.

Storytelling and Film (April 2023)

Join film makers asinnajaq uitaalutuq (BFA 2015) and Ray Charabaty (BFA 2016) while they talk about storytelling in film, animation, and art; how it shapes their practices.

Craftivism (March 2023)

Join Karin Jones (MFA 2018) and Carrie Allison (MFA 2018) as they discuss activism in art and craft, as well as how it affects their practices.

Bottling Design (February 2023)

Join designers Michael Arno (BDes 1982) and Scott Dahmer (BDes 1986) to explore their careers in design and how their creative training lead them to the wine industry.

Building and Maintaining Sustainable Practices (January 2023)

Join Carley Mullally (BFA 2015), environmental artist and Jennifer Green (BFA 2009) textile artist learn about how these artists’ approach sustainability and how it effects their practices.

2022 Recordings

Working with and for Galleries (September 2022)

Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems director Melanie Colosimo and Kate Walchuk (BFA 2011) give ideas about how you can get more traction with galleries and even create work opportunities by understanding how they operate behind-the-scenes. Click to watch the video.

Where Design and Healthcare Collide (October 2022)

Christine Goudie (BDes 2007) and Mr. Margot Durling (BDes Honours 2006) talk about how design and art are applied to healthcare, how these designers found their paths and how design makes a difference every day. Click to watch video.

Making Your Mark on Business (November 2022)

Join Beth Ardon (BFA 2007) of Poison Pear and Geordan Moore (BDes 2007) of Quarrelsome Yeti to talk about their printmaking practices and navigating the world of entrepreneurship. Click to watch video.

Art & Artchitecture (December 2022)

Tiffany Shaw (BFA 2006) and Todd Saunders (BDes 1992, DFA 2016) Learn about these architects’ practices and how art shapes their work. Click to watch video.