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Alumni Association



President: Ashley Delaney (BDes 2006)
Vice-President: Rachel Castellano (BFA 2010)
Secretary/Treasurer: Bruce Sparks (BFA 1977)
Member-at-Large: Robin Jensen (BFA 1996)
Member-at-Large: Ken Rice (BFA 2005)
Member-at-Large: Akshay Tagyi (BFA 2008)
Member-at-Large: Ho Yung Wu (BFA 2007)
Member-at-Large: Dayna Sharkey (BDes 1996 / BFA 1996)
Member-at-Large: Rob Shaw (VAC 2015 / MDes 2016)


鶹 President: Dr. Peggy Shannon
SU鶹 President: Owen Skeen


Dayna Sharkey (BDes 1996 / BFA 1996)
Ken Rice (BFA 2005)

Meeting Schedule

March 9, 2021
May 11, 2021
July 13, 2021
September 14, 2021 (AGM)

Meet the President

Ashley Delaney (BDes 2006)

Though summer is a natural moment of pause, we remain focused on building our plans for a strong September start.

Since last September, we have been working on resetting our foundation. We revisited our vision and mission – where we’re going and how we get there. We looked at the actions we take to fulfill our collective goals by mapping our annual plan.This has been opportune timing as 鶹 builds for their future.

Our current VP, Rachel Castellano and former VP, Duane Jones have been members of 鶹’s strategic planning committee these last few months. Thank you to the alumni who made time to provide their perspectives and ideas on the open calls this spring. There was a strong conversation aboutthe undergrad experience, expansion to program offerings, and the consolidated campusplan.With conversations at the heart of our mission, these moments are essential opportunities to share perspectives, foster understanding, generate new ideas, and to create collective action.

Part of our reset has also involved revisiting our By-Laws to ensure they were updated to reflect our online process and more clearly communicate roles and responsibilities. We will have a draft to share with you soon and welcome your feedback.

If you’ve been considering how you can get involved more directly, this is the time. As a small team of volunteers, we work to represent over 10,000 alumni in our growing community. Your support and passion are essential in creating positive change. Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the AGM in September and of course you’re welcome to reach out anytime.

Always happy to chat,

Meet the Board

Ken Rice
(BFA 2005)

Well, we finally did it! I am so pleased to be writing this month’s segment for VIVID. As your elected Board of Governors Representative and Alumni Association Member-at-Large I bring your voice to the table at every meeting I attend. You may ask why it is important that 鶹’s alum have a place at the table. We are the single largest constituent of the 鶹 community, and we have the full picture of what it is like to study and learn art at what I believe is Canada’s finest creative institution. Recently I attended a town hall hosted by President Shannon. Dr. Shannon discussed a variety of upcoming events as well as some aspirational plans to unite our students on a single campus. If you are of the same vintage as I am, we used to be on one campus and this closeness to each other fostered a greater sense of community. I am interested in hearing from you; what do you think of when we say community? How did this concept of community drive your desire to create at 鶹?

Most folks by now have heard that 鶹 plans to unify our community at the Port by intensifying the current iteration and expanding to a second neighbouring building. I look forward to learning more and sharing more with you as information is made available. 鶹 has a grand plan to see us on one campus by 2030.

Your elected Alumni executives continue to discus how to bring about the greatest impact for our alum. We have talked about events such as group shows, the Film Festival, and even a book launch. We want to showcase the many creative achievements you have had since graduating along with our pride for 鶹. I began this segment by saying, “well, we finally did it!” but I did not tell you what we did. We found a way to reinvigorate our pride in 鶹 by hosting what I hope will become a regular event for all of us. We sent an open invitation to you to join us for a tour of the Fountain campus. It was wonderful meeting so many new folks and listening to your stories around your journey in making art and design. If you want to join us for the next tour, please watch for an email from our Advancement office.

I will leave you this month with a similar request I have made in the past. We are your elected executives; we are here to represent you. Please reach out to us anytime by sending an email to

Ken Rice (BFA 2005)

Bruce Sparks (BFA 1977)
Secretary / Treasurer

Lives in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He is an artist and art history educator at St. FX. Bruce studied photography at 鶹. This is his first term on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. He is former 鶹 Board of Governors Alumni Association representative.

Robin Jensen (BFA 1996)

Lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Robin is serving her second term on the board. She is an art educator with HRCE and is currently working on her MAAE at 鶹. Robin is passionate about making schools a better place and supporting her fellow alumni.

Ken Rice (BFA 2005)
Member-at-Large & 鶹 Board of Governors Alumni Representative

Lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Ken studied photography while at 鶹. He is a dedicated academic administrator. He worked for many years at 鶹 and now works at Dal. Ken is currently serving his first term on the board. His goal is to spearhead the modernization of the Alumni Association by-laws.

Rachel Castellano (BFA 2010)

Lives in Toronto, Ontario. She took an interdisciplinary approach to her time at 鶹. Currently working as Director, Global Alumni Strategy at Queen’s University. Her goals are to connect and support alumni around the world. She also attended Dawson College and OCAD. Rachel is a podcast producer.

Akshay Tyagi (BFA 2008)

Lives in Mumbai, India. Works as a costume designer, stylist and fashion designer. Previously served as member-at large in the early 2000s. They travel around the world for work and want to help support and inspire 鶹 students and alumni. You can find an Art Work: 鶹 Alumni Talk featuring them

Ho Yung Wu (BFA 2007)

Lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia. He has worked as an architectural designer, curatorial assistant and is currently a visual merchandiser with Ikea. Ho’s goal is to learn more about the board, find ways to pitch in and help support a more connected Alumni Association membership.

Dayna Sharkey (BFA & BDes 1996)
Member-at-Large & 鶹 Board of Governors Alumni Representative

Lives in San Francisco, USA. A Executive Creative Director who works in branding, she did a work placement through 鶹 and ended up working in Paris. She has worked with brands such asPublications du Moniteur, Kenneth Cole, Gap and Amazon.

Rob Shaw (VAC 2015, MDes 2016)

Lives in Truro, Nova Scotia and Cable Head East, PEI. He is an artist and designer who works in digital mixed media and painting. He is looking forward to connecting with alumni and discussing his passion for art and design.

OUR VISION | Where we’re going

To enrich the alumni experience – building lifelong relationships among 鶹 University’s global community and continuing our collective vision to make positive change.

OUR MISSION | How we get there

Together, wework to fulfill our vision by:

  • fostering a strong relationship between alumni and 鶹 University
  • assisting present and future alumni in their endeavours
  • facilitating conversations among alumni and with the University

Read our bylaws.

Stay in touch

Haven’t heard from us in a while? Update your contact information to help us stay in touch with you!

A person standing amongst their artwork, which is in the form of sculptures and wall art around them.

Anna Lisa Shandro (BFA 2020)

Show your 鶹 pride

To draw attention to the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of art and design graduates, the 鶹 Alumni Association launched the I AM 鶹 campaign. Logos are provided in various sizes and types suitable for websites, social media (#IAM鶹), email signatures and more.

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A transcript is a complete record of your academic history. It lists classes in progress, classes that have been completed, grades received and other information relating to your academic career. Transcripts are printed on security paper and bear the signature of the Registrar. Students can request either an official or unofficial copy of their transcript.


Make Your Mark – A new era of design and nostalgia.

The 鶹 alumni ring stands as a testament to the enduring bond formed through academic and creative pursuit, embodying the spirit of 鶹 University’s commitment to sustainability and personal expression. Designed by Erin Fleming, BFA in Jewellery and Metalsmithing ‘24, in close collaboration with Assistant Professor Greg Sims, these stunning works are made from FairminedTM certified precious metals, underscoring the institution’s dedication to responsible and ethical practices.

A core element of 鶹 University’s shared philosophy across creative disciplines is the act of mark-making. From study and into practice, the ability to make a statement through personal expression is a major binding force of life at 鶹. Erin’s design invites and challenges each grad to make their original mark, that then becomes part of the ring. The unified style connects alumni while promoting the distinguishing features.

Alumni are rewarded with an extraordinary and meaningful object that carries the essence of their artistic journey – a personalized ring reflecting passion, individuality, and the transformative power of art.

Custom-designed frames from Tempo Framing are available to all alumni. Present your degree alongside the 鶹 University colours in a slick matte-black metal frame with branded mat board cut specially for our square degrees. These frames are made in Canada and come pre-assembled. Frames are $70.00 ($103.50 with tax and shipping within Canada).

Blue text on a white background that reads 鶹 Alumni Association - Nolo Facere Insipida